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Life story
February 12, 2000
Born on February 12, 2000.
February 23, 2012
Passed away on February 23, 2012.
January 1, 2014
Mr.Kitty's life began with Mommy on a snowy winter eve in the month of Dec,2000!"I had recieved a phone call from my neighbor trying to tell me about a kitty that needed a home.At that time i already had four dogs,so i was not to sure about taking on a kitty!'She was very persistant about telling me about this kitty,as i had told her no and hung up on her twice.So when she called back the third time i listened.As she started telling me about this kitty i could not understand how people like that could even have a animal.They had,had this kitty since it was a kitten,had it front declawed,took the time to litter train it.And more or less made it a house kitty,and now that his girlfriend had gotten pregnant all that had changed!She said she could not handle being around the litter,so they were taking this baby putting it outside in freezing cold temps and exspecting it to know to go to the bathroom outside!'Well needless to say it would go outside beg to come in,go where its litterbox use to be and go to the bathroom.They were getting so angry,and had told my neighbor that if she could not help them find a home for him they were either going to kill him or put him outside and hope that he would run away!'When she finished telling me i said "let's go,and so we left to go see about this kitty."As we got about halfway there the snow changed into blizzard like conditions,but we treaded on.All i could think about was are we going to be to late for this kitty?!"When we arrived at the house we were met by a lady at the door asking us if we had come to see about the kitty?'I told  her Yes."So she invited us to come in,and sit down in the kitchen.Once we sat down i noticed this beautiful black kitty coming down the hallway,but as he got closer i noticed how skinny he was."When i asked the lady why he was so skinny she said"darn thing won't eat what i put down,and she will either eat what i put down or starve!"About that time the chikdren come out and asked if i had come to see the kitty.I do not think that they knew that if i really liked the cat that it would be going home with me.I said "yes i did."So the little girl picked him up and handed him to me.As soon as he was in my arms he turned around and huged my neck.My neighbor looked at me and asked me what i thought,i said i think he is coming home with me!'I am ready to go now before it get's to bad out there and we cannot get back home.When we got ready to leave the lady said you don't have to worry about her getting into anything as she has been front declawed.And so we headed home with my new kitty!'Once back to the house he got to meet all the other babies one at a time as i did not want to overwhelm him with a bunch of doggies.His very first night in the house he managed to get into my cabinets where my pots and pans were.The next day was the trip to go see the vet to have him checked out to make sure that he was alright and there was nothing that needed to be addressed with him.My vet asked me what i had named my new kitty,and i proudly said Ms.Kitty,she laughed,and said you may want to change that Ms. to a Mr.!"I thought how sad that these people had,had this kitty ever since he was a kitten and did not even know that it was a male kitty!"Did not matter to me,what mattered to me was that he was now going to be safe,and in a loving home.Somewhere where he was going to know that he was loved!'That he did,as we had many good years together.Then one day i found out that he had developed a tumor,and it was pressing down on his lungs!"The vet had given me some meds for him and promised that he would be alright.But he was far from that,he did not want to take the meds,he stated seperating his self from everyone,slowed down on his eating,started losing weight!'Then one morning he came out with Mommy like he had done so many times before,streched out on the kitchen floor and died!'I paniced and picked him up and began giving him mouth to snout and brought him back!It was then that i realized that i was not really ready to let him go!"Then two days later i had to make that dreaded trip with him to the vets office.I held him in my arms as they gave him the injection and reassured him that it was o.k. for him to go home.And he did,on May 15,2012 Mr.Kitty took his final breathe in Mommy's arms.You are at peace now my friend and you can run free like you were meant to.I believe that God sent him to me and that Mr.Kitty really was a Angel in disguise and i thank God for allowing me to be apart of his life.He taught me so many things that i will carry with me for the rest of my life.You Are Free Now Mr.Kitty So Run Free My Friend Our Paths Will Cross Again.....

                                                  I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER MOMMY