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Mommy was trying to make sure that you remained a house kitty seeing's how you really had no way to protect yourself after those people front declawing you."Well one day you somehow had managed to sneak out of the house past Mommy when i had went outside.Needless to say i was freaking out,as i was so scared that something was going to happen to you.You had not even went very far.You was up under the front porch,but you would not come out.You had backed yourself into a corner under there and was looking at me as if to say"here i am if you want me come and get me."And to make things even worse it was getting ready to really rain hard outside!"Finally was able to coax you close enough to edge with some treats to grab you."But of course it was already raining at that point!"Tongue Out
I will never forget when you claimed Tippy Toe as your Girlfriend either!"I just happened to walk back to my bedroom and there on my bed laid Tippy Toe,with you on top of her.The look on her face was priceless!"She was looking at me as if to say"Mommy can you please get him off of ne!"And of course i did.But that never stopped you.I was like hey Mr.Kitty i did not know if you noticed or not but Tippy Toe is a doggie,and you are a Kitty Cat.But that did not seem to matter to you."Smile
Then because i was not used to having a kitty at the house,and kept the bathroom door shut because of the doggies.You had i guess went in there when i did and i did not know it,and when i came out you had gotten closed up in there.As i was franticly running around the house looking for you,you had opened the cabinent door under the bathroom sink and went in there.
The first night you were home i will never forget it.I was told that i was not to worry about you being able to get into anything as you had no front claws.Well you certainly proved them wrong.As the first night at the house after everyone had went to bed i heard this clanking noise out in the kitchen.So i got up and went out there to find one of my cabnient doors open and you sitting inside with my pots and pans!"Surprised
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